Queen Chowk Sargodhaf

Queen Chowk Sargodha located near in front of the University, which is nice place for student to visit the small market contains food, accommodation, etc. It is also an entry point to Mushaf Air Base at Sargodha Cantonment.

Mona Depot Sargodha

This is the Canal across the Sargodha city, which has some boats for the public to enjoy the cool breeze in summer and swimming is allowed. There are some spots around the canal to sit and eat there. This canal is only 10 minutes away from the University.

Mona Depot Sargodha

Sargodha Junction railway station is located on Shorkot-Lala Musa branch railway line in the city of Sargodha, Punjab province of Pakistan. It is one of the important railway stations of Pakistan Railways and the junction of Sargodha-Kundian branch railway line.The station is staffed and has advance and current reservation offices. Food stalls are also located on it platforms. It is also on a 10 minutes walking distance from the University and you may witness to hear the sound of train whistles in the University too.

Sargodha City

As a student at UOS you’ll be a part of one of the Pakistan’s most vibrant and cosmopolitan cities. Sargodha is a city at the heart of Pakistan. Not just geographically, thanks to its enviable location - but also in terms of design, agriculture, business, and culture. Above all, Sargodha will surprise you with its energy and diversity.

The Genesis

Sargodha city, the headquarters of the district with the same name, was founded in the year 1903, soon after the opening of the lower Jhelum canal and the colonization in the area that followed as a result thereof. The name Sargodha consists of two words, namely; ‘Sar’ and ‘Godha’, Sar, means pond or pool and Godha was the name of a Hindu ‘jogi’ (hermit). As the tradition goes, there was a natural water pond on the place where, at present, a portion of the Divisional Headquarters Hospital and Municipal office stand. Godha had put up a small hut for himself on the side of this pond. The area around it was an uninhabited ‘bar’ or bush jungle where the cattle used to graze and drink water from the pond, named after the jogi. According to another tradition, the original name of the jogi was Lalu; Godha was the name of his tribe, and he was known as Lalu Godha. When the new city was founded, it automatically took the name Sargodha.

City of the Brave

The word Godha is probably derived from the Sanskrit word ‘yoddha’, meaning fighter. Even now there are many persons having the name ‘Jodha’ as well as ‘Godha’, both derived from the word ‘Yoddha’. There exists an old tribe of this name also. So Sargodha means pond of ‘Godha’ or Abode of the Fighter. It is, therefore, not a mere coincidence that Sargodha has made a name for itself, for fighting valiantly against the Indian Air Force during the wars of 1965 and 1971, as a result of which, it has won the well-deserved title of the City of Eagles.

Cultural Diversity

The Sargodha city was founded by Lady Trooper in 1903. The city is very close to the heart of the Punjab, not just geographically but also in terms of cultural depth and diversity, now a city of about half a million. A big canal arising from the River Jhelum brought green revolution to the barren valley of Karana Hills. New people started pouring in, not only from the neighbouring districts but also from distant towns like Sialkot, Gujranwala and Gujrat. As a result of the partition in 1947 the Muslims from the East Punjab and the United Province (UP) added more colours to the already coloured and diverse culture of the city. Being the District headquarters since 1940, Sargodha was upgraded to the status of Divisional Headquarters in the year 1960. Apart from being a well planned city, Sargodha enjoys the distinction of being one of the most important bases of Pakistan Air Force. There is a beautiful cantonment area marked by the Pakistan Army.


Sargodha is linked with all the major cities of the country by road and rail. It is at just two hours travelling distance from the Provincial Capital (Lahore) and three hours from the Federal Capital (Islamabad). Road transport connections are very frequent and comfortable, and maintain direct service to and fro Peshawar. Karachi is in direct contact through express train service and Quetta is also easily accessible through railways.

Moving Ahead

The last decade has seen Sargodha expanding and prospering. Heavy investment was attracted in the field of industry, especially the agri-based industry. A number of national and multi-national companies have established their offices and new investment is being pumped into the city’s economy. Establishment of the University has brought about a change in the entire culture of the city. Sargodha is a smart and exceptionally cheap place to shop. Getting around the city is very easy. It has an affordable comprehensive transport network.

paf Sargodha

PAF Base Mushaf (formerly PAF Base Sargodha) is a Pakistan Air Force airbase located at Sargodha in the Punjab province of Pakistan. It is the headquarters of the PAF Central Air Command. It was known as PAF Base Sargodha until 2003, when it was renamed in honour of former Base Commander and Chief of the Air Staff Air Chief Marshal Mushaf Ali Mir, whose aeroplane crashed on a routine flight near Kohat the same year. It is also located near to the University.

Model Bazar

“Modal Bazar ” is the place very closed to the University. This children & family park has the play lands and a variety of food to enjoy. You will not found a single evening without the rush of public here and hence boosting the environment of the University. .

Model Bazar

Sargodha is an agricultural district with its lush-green and glowing orange orchards, Sargodha is the greatest Kinno producer throughout the world, deserves the title of the “Kinno Capital of the World”, or the “California of Pakistan”