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Lincoln Corner


Lincoln Corner Sargodha (LCS) is a collaborative project between the US Consulate General Lahore and University of Sargodha. It was established in December 2013. The Corner is a center for lifelong learning. Lincoln Corner Sargodha is located at the central library, University of Sargodha. There are eighteen corners in all over Pakistan which strive to fulfill the purpose outlined by the UNESCO manifesto that identifies the (public) library “as a living force for education, culture and information, and as an essential agent for fostering peace and spiritual welfare through the minds of men and women. Lincoln corner facilitates visitors through scholarship consultancy, English learning sessions and cultural activities. We promote STEM (Science, technology, engineering and mathematics) through our sessions. Lincoln Corner provides access to current and reliable information through books, magazines and documentaries. elibrary is a comprehensive database to download hundreds of free articles, ebooks and learning resources. We at LCS work on the capacity building of students. Cultural programs, speakers, and special events add value to the spaces. Our priority is to make them more confident individuals and polish their intellectual and leadership capabilities. We offer comfortable spaces for learning and dialogue.

Lincoln Corner Sargodha also provides students the opportunity of volunteerism to work as Friends of Corner (FOCs). It grooms their personalities and prepares them as community leaders. LCS connects its visitors with intellectuals to practice their English, and enhance their soft skills through programming. Corner provides resources for current, accurate and authoritative information about the United States – its people, culture, history, policies, government, and institutions. Corner arranges workshops about education and studying in the United States, presentations from Pakistanis who have visited America on U.S. government sponsored programs, and workshops on information skills like internet searching and using the eLibrary USA databases. Lincoln Corner is more than just a library. It is a place which promotes self-education. It is a multi-media resource center, serves as internet cafe, community center, classroom, and discussion club. It is a comfortable and safe venue for civil discourse, conversation between individuals with diverse views and perspectives - a practice at the heart of any strong democracy. LCS welcomes community to come together to increase mutual understanding: between Pakistanis and Americans, between scientists and artists, between old and young, between innovators and traditionalists.

Opening Hours

Monday-Friday 08:00-14:00

Ms. Nimra Zia
Program Manager