Sub Campus Bhakkar

This Campus was established in 2012. The aim was to provide quality and affordable education to the students of this deprived district at their doorstep. Initially BS programs were offered and later on number of programs increased including MPhil/MA/MSc in various disciplines.An administration and academic block has been constructed from Universitys own resources. The teaching faculty includes experienced foreign qualified, well reputed, young and energetic minds who are doing their best to help the youngsters of this area in becoming a responsible and independent citizen of Pakistan.
\nI welcome all of you at UOS Sub-Campus Bhakkar with a hope that your entrance in the campus will prove to be the best decision of your life and career. \n
\nAs a student at UOS, you will be a part of Pakistan's most dynamic and vibrantly radiant as well as rising universities. Sargodha is a city located within the heart of Pakistan, in terms of geographical stationing. Bhakkar is a district of Sargodha Division, where the university has initiated its own campus and it is fortuitous for the denizens of District Bhakkar. \n

Bhakkar District

\nBhakkar is a district located within the province of Punjab, Pakistan. The District was spawned in the year of 1981 with Bhakkar city (known as Bakhar in Saraiki) as the capital. It is located between 31*10' and 32*22' N and 70*47' and 72*E. With an area of 3134 Square miles, most of Bhakkar territory lies within desolate plains of Thal desert, but the kachhi or strip of riverine land located along the Indus boasts great fecundity. Its area includes the riverine tract along the Indus called Kacha and the Thal historically designated as Chol-e-Jalali. Most of its area is comprised of Thal.
\nMankera, a city located within the center of the great Thal is a place that entails great historical significance. The Old Fort located here: a historical heritage is a momentous landmark that signifies Thal needs preservation. Another place of historical note within the sector is KalurKot. Bhakkar forms a part of the Saraiki wasabi located in the western end of Punjab Province. \nBhakkar city has an estimated of population of about 500,000 citizens, while the total population of the district has been decreed to be approximately 1.37 million denizens in the year of 2008.
\nEver since its inception, the University of Sargodha sub-Campus Bhakkar has progressed exponentially and rapidly. university offered courses in only nine departments. However, the University has now distended its academic mettle and instilled within its rosters much more courses, that pertain to novel and new departments, with more additions to be made in the near future. \nThese programs are being offered as a window of opportunity for students so that they may opt for any subject of their proclivity. \n

Prof. Dr. Zahid H. Chohan

Director Sub Campus Bhakkar