Sub Campus Mianwali

To provide purposeful education and training, and exel in research relevant to the regional, national and global needs incorporating all the resources available through innovation. The UOS Sub-Campus Mianwali (UOS-SCM) is offering various undergraduate and graduate degree programs. UOS-SCM has a Data Centre, various IT facilities including networking, web and email services, digital library access, files and resource sharing over the LAN and high speed dedicated internet connectivity to computer labs, etc. To help you adjust, we offer services of experienced supervisors individually tailored to your study, plus training in general research skills. The UOS-SCM has good facilities for the English language study. As a student at campus you’ll be a part of one of the Pakistan’s most vibrant and cosmopolitan cities. Mianwali district covers 5840 square kilometers with the population of about 85,000 people. This city was created in November 1901, when the North West Frontier Province was carved out of Punjab and the towns of Mianwali including Isa Khel, Kalabagh, and Kundian were separated from the Bannu District. Then a new district, named Mianwali district, was created with its headquarters in Mianwali city and placed in Punjab, and it became a part of Multan Division. Mianwali originally contained four tehsils: Mianwali, Isa Khel, Bhakkar, and Layyah. In 1909 Layyah was transferred to Muzaffargarh District. The district became a part of Sargodha Division in 1961. In 1982 Bhakkar Tehsil was removed from Mianwali and became a separate district of Sargodha Division. Major catchment areas of Mianwali district include eight districts: Attock District in the north, Chakwal District in the northeast, Khushab District in the east, and Bhakkar District in the south, while Lakki Marwat lies to the west, Kohat and Karak districts to the northwest and Dera Ismail Khan District to the southwest and various towns i.e. Kalabagh, Isa Khel, Kundian, Paikhel, Piplan, Kamar Mushani, Mochh, Sawans, Rokhri, Harnoli, Musa Khel,((alluwali)), Wan Bhachran, Daud Khel and Uttra Kalan. Mianwali district has several educational institutions from elementary upto the post-graduate level, affiliated with various universities. There are numerous other private schools and colleges in the district. Establishment of a University or a Campus of any university remained a dream for the community of Miianwali for the last several years. Government of the Punjab has declared a portion of the Government College, Mianwali as a sub-campus of University of Sargodha. It was like a dream came true for the people of Mianwali District. This campus of University of Sargodha is offering various undergraduate and graduate programs since 2012.

Dr. M.Ashraf Shaheen

Director Sub Campus Mianwali