General Questions
A separate download section at the website main page is not given. If you want to download relevant documents and forms then you have to go to that relevant section. For example, to download examination related things you have to go to “Examinations” menu and then you can find “Documents and Forms” there. However, if you want to download general administrative documents and forms then you have to visit “Download” section in the “About UOS” menu. To download academic departmental forms, you can visit related department on the website and check for “Download” section there.
The university officers have their individual pages on this dynamic website. However, the option of “Contact US” at the top yellow ribbon gives their contact addresses, phone numbers, emails along with the description of their responsibilities.
Locally, the UOS has the ranking position 18 according to the HEC 2016 published document with the relative score 52.361. In 2007, the UOS was remained on 7th position in Pakistan but unfortunately, due to large number of students intake every year and with slow increasing facility ratio, the ranking has fallen to 11 in 2011 and then 18 at present. The Pro Vice Chancellor has the eyes on it and he is making efforts to improve it which will be seen soon in the next evaluation.
It is a public University, so the tuition fees could not be out of the range of a common man. In Pakistan, the public universities have always the less tuition fee as compared to other private institution and the universities. The fee structure can be seen at .
Yes, the University has a variety of accommodation. Information can be located on our accommodation page at
Yes, the University has an efficient parking system besides every academic and administrative department.
The University has a day care centre to help students with children.
The University is committed to promoting access for students who have a disability, dyslexia or a long-term medical condition. Services provided by the University aim to enable students to fulfil the inherent requirements of the course as independently as possible.
The University has an excellent range of support services which cover areas including health, welfare and study support. For personal problems which may affect your work, you can always talk in complete confidence to your personal tutor or any member of staff with whom you feel comfortable. Tutors can help with a wide range of issues, and if they are unable to help with a particular problem, they will find you someone who can.
The costs that you will incur as a UOS student will depend in part on the type of accommodation that you select plus the costs associated with your personal lifestyle, such as sporting, leisure and social activities. You should also budget for food and any other lifestyle costs. The UOS hostels have the facility of living and meal. The average living cost for a local student is not more than Rs 15000/- per year and the average meal cost is not more than Rs 10000/- per month.