Animal Sciences

Animal Science is the study of animals and animal products. The Animal Science discipline includes education and experience about the technology of breeding, feeding, producing, managing and marketing animals as well as animal products. This includes all husbandry facets of livestock species (cattle, sheep, goats, poultry, ostriches and horses) and the products derived from them (meat, milk & dairy products, wool, mohair, eggs, skin & leather and feathers) as well as relevant aspects of aquatic (fish, etc.) and wildlife species.

The Department of Animal Sciences was established in 2010 to produce trained and skilled work force, having a focus on innovation and entrepreneurship, capable of employing knowledge inputs for the rapid and sustainable animal production of Pakistan.

The Department is offering MSc (Hons.) in Animal Nutrition and BSc (Hons.) in Animal Sciences programs designed to meet the ever-growing needs in the field of animal sciences. There are four core subjects of Animal Sciences i.e. Animal Breeding and Genetics, Animal Nutrition, Livestock Management and Poultry Science.

The Department prepares its graduates for career in a broad range of professions. These include but not limited to teaching, research, extension services, consultancy, government advisory or regulatory roles, livestock trading and international animal agriculture. Animal Sciences graduates can get placement as managers at dairy, beef, sheep, goat, poultry, camel and ostrich farms. The graduates can also be employed as sales/marketing managers for hatcheries, breeding organizations, feed and food processing industries. There is increasing demand for managers of large production operations and technical positions in areas such as nutrition, animal breeding, research, management, sales and consultancy in commercial companies.

We have a strong and dedicated faculty along with excellent classrooms, animal farms, research laboratories and advising experiences for students. Our faculty is particularly useful in providing guidance in the selection of an area of emphasis and appropriate skills consistent with the student's career goals.

Dr. Muhammad Arif
Lecturer / Incharge