Forestry is not only a profession and craft but also a field of study. When a student studies Forestry, he also studies Ecology, Conservation, Environmental Science, Engineering, Management, Sustainable Development, Geography, Urban Forestry, Planning, Economics, Wildlife Protection and many other related fields. Thus, a degree in Forestry will provide diverse career opportunities where they can have a profound impact on the sustainable development of human society.

The department of Forestry was established in the year 2012. The Department is offering Forestry as a major subject to the students of BSc (Hons) Agriculture. Since objective of the Department is to educate and train the students in Forestry sector on modern lines with ample practical knowledge, it provides unique, integrative and applied education in the Forest, Wildlife, Range, and Watershed Management.Although the Department is not offering postgraduate degree programs at the moment, but research facilities are available to the senior students of the department to conduct their final semester research projects in various forestry related disciplines.

The Department has highly qualified faculty which is imparting quality education and training to the Forestry students in such a way that would help them becoming future leaders in the field of Forestry and allied disciplines. The Department has established strong linkages with Punjab Forest Department which help the students in getting field training/experience through conducting Forest Management Plans, internships and study tours to various forest plantations/ natural forests and labs.

Dr. Muhammad Sajjad Haider
Associate Professor / Chairman