Anatomy lays the foundation of Medical Science. The clear and comprehensive knowledge of entire medical science is based on human anatomy as it is the science of macro/micro structure and forms of the human body. Good health is directly related to standard structures of human anatomy and its variants. Therefore without sound knowledge of human anatomy to medical under-graduates, their medical knowledge, skill and experience will be imperfect. And so the main aim of our department is to train and teach the students in such a way that they practically apply this subject which forms the firm foundation for the art of healing (medicine).

The subject of Anatomy is taught in the first and second year of the basic medical education. The courses within the domain of Anatomy include General Anatomy, Histology or Microscopic Anatomy, Embryology or Developmental Anatomy, Regional or Gross Anatomy and Neuroanatomy.

The Department offers a modern integrated teaching system for students. The teaching hours for different disciplines are in accordance with the recommendations of Pakistan Medical and Dental Council. Our teaching methodology includes large group interactive sessions, practical and small group interactive sessions.

Our Department has a spacious and well lit dissection hall to accommodate 100 students at a time, having a mortuary with a capacity of three bodies and multimedia to facilitate the students during small group discussions. Anatomy museum is well equipped with models of gross anatomy, embryology, histology and Neuroanatomy. Articulated and disarticulated model skeletons are also available. The Department is equipped with a furnished, spacious and well ventilated histology laboratory with 15 binocular microscopes.

Dr. Amna Mubeen
Associate Professor / Chairperson