Physiology is the integrative study of cellular and whole-body function and is the pivotal discipline linking other basic biomedical sciences on the one hand with the experimental and clinical medicine on the other.

The Department of Physiology is an integral part of the basic medical sciences division at the University. The Department, with a strong interdisciplinary approach, focuses on developing and delivering quality postgraduate programs. To develop and deliver high standard medical education in Pakistan, we have a highly qualified teaching and research-intensive department focusing on cellular and molecular mechanisms of all life sustainable physiological processes in human body.

The Department also promotes research interaction with public agencies and industry through outreach and scientific leadership; organizes symposia, seminars and special lectures in relevant disciplines at national and international levels.

The Department is equipped with well-developed laboratory having modern and latest equipment to perform necessary experiments including power lab experiments. Our Department is depicted as the best example of high standards of methodologies of art and learning in form of clinical and research oriented lectures, practicals, seminars, tutorials, presentations and counseling sessions with the students. The Department will continue to strive and thrive in terms of integration of theory and practice, combination of basic and clinical medicine and balanced developments in both research and teaching.

Dr. Muhammad Shahid javed
Assistant Professor / Incharge