Zoology tries to understand and preserve the vast diversity existing on our planet. It is a major part of our scientific knowledge opening gateways to the medical science. Zoology is a science that has taken us back to our ancestors through break through studies on DNA (the molecule of life). It is a multidisciplinary field equipping its degree holders in environmental science, forensics, conservation and population genetics, microbiology, immunology toxicology, biochemistry, cell and molecular biology, wildlife, animal behavior, fisheries palaentology, physiology and zoogeography.

The Department of Zoology was established initially as part of biological sciences and later on gained independent status in 2014. The department has highly professional and qualified faculty having expertise in multiple disciplines of Zoology. Various projects of inter-disciplinary nature have been bagged by the faculty under ORIC (UOS) research initiative.

Degree programs like BS, MSc, MPhil and PhD are successfully running at the department under capable research supervisors. Department of Zoology has richly contributed in success of University as our graduate are working both in public and private sectors and playing effective role in various fields.

Dr. Muhammad Arshad
Professor / Chairperson