Islamic and Arabic Studies

Study of Islam demands a wide range of knowledge, considerable insight, and care in interpretation. The Department of Islamic Studies at University of Sargodha, in its academic programs, focuses on the Islamic Sciences, classical sources, history, and comparative study of Religions and civilization of the Islamic world. Our diversity of perspectives and research approaches to Islamic Studies, as well as our local commitments and intellectual wisdom of National engagements, have made this department a unique institution in Pakistan.

The Department was founded in 2002, and offers the opportunities to acquire knowledge, methods, skills, and capabilities necessary to understand and evaluate the religious paradigm. Achieving the hallmark of pure academic and research atmosphere, department launched MPhil Program in January 2008 and PhD Program in 2010 focusing on modern and classical research methodologies in the field of Islamic and religious studies at higher level.

Currently, the Department is offering BS, MA, MPhil and PhD programs under a one PhD and seven MPhil qualified faculty members devoted to research and teaching in a broad range of related fields of Islamic sciences. Islamic Studies leads to a wide range of career opportunities as it equips the students with necessary knowledge and skills with moral and intellectual growth to better serve in various fields. Mostly, our students join teaching and managerial or administrative positions in public sector.

Dr Muhammad Feroz-ud-Din Shah
Assistant Professor / Incharge