Urdu and Oriental Languages

Urdu is one of the most important and richest languages of the subcontinent, whose significance extends far beyond South Asian Islam. The Department of Urdu is to instill in the students a spirit of critical inquiry, capability to look beyond their parochial surroundings and analytical vision to place and define them in the wider social, cultural, political and ideological environment. The Department is striving to sensitize, aestheticize and humanize the students enabling them to become leaders of change.

The University inherited Urdu Department from erstwhile Government College Sargodha where it was established in 1960 to impart quality training to a wide spectrum of students both local and foreign in Urdu language and literature. The Department of Urdu has made considerable progress in terms of variety of programs, teaching and research quality and employability.

The Department is currently offering BS, MA, MPhil and PhD programs and keeping in view the growing demand, the Department has started Self-Support classes in MA and BS programs to accommodate the prospective students. Consequently, the induction of students has increased rapidly and now the Department is hosting more than 700 students and research scholars who are pursuing their education to excel in the field of literary studies and teaching.

The Department also focuses on language and literature of Persian and Punjabi. The Persian Courses being offered by the department will enable the student to get a fair command over the Persian language &literature and to analyze literary works and better comprehend the writing quality. Punjabi courses will enable students to develop an advanced knowledge of language & literature especially in acquiring a direct access to basic social, cultural, and historical sources in the Punjab.

The Department has highly qualified fourteen PhD and five MPhil faculty members to impart not only knowledge but also wisdom through literature. The Faculty members have published more than 50 books on theoretical and applied literary studies. Furthermore, they have published more than 150 research articles in HEC recognized journals.

Dr. Khalid Nadeem
Associate Professor / Chairperson