Nation’s economic interests, fiscal management, productivity led by innovation, complexities of trade relations and sustainable development as a cure for deprivation and exclusion are some of the leading issues needed to be deciphered for the pursuance of well-being in the wake of scarce resources and incentives.

Our Department – having six PhDs and successor to the Post-Graduate Department of Economics established in 1985 in the erstwhile Government College Sargodha – is working to contemplate over such thoughts with innovative inquiry having foothold in empirical data and sophisticated methodologies. We believe to unleash an intellect which implants dynamic optimization for government, business and people. We steer our departmental research to create new knowledge for an ever-changing world whose linchpin is Economics being social science.

Our faculty is an all-inclusive one having research proficiency which equip scholars to unfold the transitional process from resource-driven economy to innovation-driven one after crossing over the intermediate efficiency-driven stage. The Department is aiming to substantially contribute towards the realization of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with whatever possible supportive tools of policy making like offering of research-based programs, conducting knowledge-sharing activities i.e. training/dissemination workshops and conferences, collaborating with local stakeholders, donor agencies, and foreign universities for evidence-based research.

Dr. Masood Sarwar Awan
Professor / Chairperson