Literary study equips students with excellent communication skills, high-level experience in academic research and debate, and the capacity for creative, independent, and critical thought. Study of English literature opens more opportunities as it is considered global language of communication and employers continue to seek English graduates for the qualities of creative intelligence and clarity of communication that they bring to the workplace in a rapidly shifting and increasingly complex world.

The Department of English Language and Literature was established in 1987 in the erstwhile Government College Sargodha. Scrambling from a scratch, it has now been acknowledged as an excellent seat of learning, with a sizeable turn-out of scholars and teachers who are pursuing MPhil and PhD studies within the country and abroad. English literature laid other areas of art represents the cultural aspects of a community.

The Department offers students the opportunity to grow as writers, researchers and critical thinkers. The study of literature enables the students to get acquainted with the prevailing cultural norms and mores around the world. All great literary workers in any language, not only introduce the readers to new vistas but also inculcate in them analytical approach to the social problems. In the modern world, the study of English literature has assumed even greater importance for nations and their cultures as it brings about harmony and peace among the comity of nations. The study of language, on the other hand, is interplay of sound and meaning.

The Department offers MPhil, MA and BS programs at present and plans to offer MA (ELT) and PhD programs in near future. The Department offers courses dealing with Pragmatics, Semantics and Discourse Analysis in order to train the students with the updated knowledge. The Department has experienced five PhD and twelve MPhil qualified faculty members.

Dr. Zarina Qasim
Assistant Professor / Incharge