Agricultural Extension

Agricultural Extension is about extending research based knowledge of Agricultural Sciences at grass root level to its clients in the fields for adoption and for better agricultural production. It is the most unique knowledge transfer approach that has been prevailed for thousands of years since the first basic profession adopted by humans on this planet was agriculture. Agricultural technology transfer, advisory services for respondents, human resource development in agriculture through educational and awareness programs and facilitation for empowerment are major prevailing schools of thought in Agricultural Extension educational system.

The Department of Agricultural Extension was officially established in 2012 to bring the fresh wave of change in the national economy of the country and to spread the research based agricultural knowledge in the closing vicinities of Sargodha district.

The Department offers BSc (Hons), MSc (Hons) and PhD programs and is planning to start new post-graduate degree program in Rural Development. It has always been in the front line to organize workshops, seminars, festivals and conferences during the academic year.

The Department’s faculty is a blend of highly qualified agriculture scientists. The faulty includes four PhD and one MSc qualified members. In perspective of the growing trends of value-addition and knowledge-based economy, the faculty members of the Department conducts outreach program for local farming community in the area for the last 10 years.

Dr. Ejaz Ashraf
Associate Professor / Chairman