Plant Breeding and Genetics

The Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics, the College of Agriculture, is one of the most important and oldest departments of the University and has a luminous history in training manpower and conducting scientific agricultural research. It aims at training manpower for the integrated use of conventional and modern biotechnological techniques for breeding varieties of different crops.

The Plant Breeding and Genetics became full fledge department in January 2012.Currently, the Department has produced four PhD scholars, 52 MSc (Hons) Agriculture major PBG and 107 BSc (Hons) Agriculture graduates.

The Department is equipped with highly qualified faculty and PBG Lab. In addition to academic activities, the teaching staff is also involved in research activities for the genetic improvement of different crops like wheat, maize, sunflower, pulses, and different fodder crops through classical breeding, mutation and biotechnology at graduate- and post-graduate levels.

This Department is a place of career opportunities and has the potential to fight against poverty by introducing multipurpose crop varieties and improved plant genotypes with an objective to optimize diverse traits controlling yield and quality.

Dr. Ijaz Rasool Noorka
Associate Professor / Chairman