Plant Pathology

The Department of Plant Pathology attained its full independent status in 2010 with an aim to produce high quality human resource in the field of plant pathology along with improving plant health in the agricultural, so as to ensure long term food security at national level. It aims at imparting education to the students bykeeping in the view the recent trends in biology of plant-microbe interactions, research to develop knowledge-based disease management strategies and the application and practice of Plant Pathology.

The Department is offering PhD, MSc (Hons)/MPhil and BSc (Hons) degree programs. The Department has developed interdisciplinary collaborations with various national and international research organizations. Currently, the Department is working with the combination of five research groups, Mycology, Plant Prokaryotes, Plant Virology, Plant Nematology and Bio-Control and Plant Microbe Interaction.

The Department consists of highly motivated and qualified faculty who are conducting research on the potential issues in perspective of trends in value-addition knowledge based economy. Some distinguished post-doctoral fellowships have been awarded to its faculty members including the HEC Postdoctoral Fellowship, Commonwealth Fellowship, Swiss Government Excellence and TWAS-UPM and CAS-TWAS Postdoctoral Fellowship.

Dr. Muhammad Usman Ghazanfar
Associate Professor / Chairperson