Mathematics is the engine behind Science in the 21st Century. It has both an inherent logic and beauty while also providing the structure and models from which physicists, chemists, biologists, medics, engineers, economists and social scientists build an understanding of our world and construct the tools to improve our lives.

The Department of Mathematics at University of Sargodha was functional from the time of establishment of Government College Sargodha in 1929. However, post-graduate program has been started in 1985. The Department of Mathematics is committed to make important contributions to undergraduate and graduate teaching, research and innovation across the full range of mathematical disciplines (Pure and Applied Mathematics, Computational Mathematics). In addition to more traditional graduate programs, the Department of Mathematics offers MPhil and Ph.D. programs with a variety of research areas e.g., Computer Aided Geometric Designs, Fixed point theory, Fluid Mechanics, Mathematical inequalities, Numerical Analysis, Special functions and Theory of time scales.

Department of Mathematics has a fully equipped computer laboratory. Faculty members of the Department remain very active in outreach and enrichment to promote teaching and research activities. The Department organizes national and international conferences every year in which faculty, speakers (well-known National and International Scholars) and research students present topics of current research or historical interest.

Department of Mathematics has established educational collaboration with well-known National and International institutions to facilitate faculty members and students with latest research and teaching environment.

Dr. Shahid Mubeen
Associate Professor / Chairman