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Plant Pathology,
University of Sargodha,

Phone: +92 304 9945123

Email: muhammad.ahmad@uos.edu.pk

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Dr. Muhammad Ahmad Zeshan
Dr. Muhammad Ahmad Zeshan | University of Sargodha

Dr. Muhammad Ahmad Zeshan has done PhD in Plant Pathology from University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Pakistan.

  • Serology and Epidemiology of Plant Viral Diseases
  • Biochemical and Physiological Analysis of Plants Affected by Viral Diseases
  • Management of Plant Viral Diseases by the Induction of Systemic Acquired Resistance

  • Nourishment of Chili Plants with Different Nutritional Solutions to Combat Against Leaf Curl Virus and Whitefly., J. Environ. Agric, (2016).
  • Screening of Wheat from Available Germplasm Against Leaf Rust Caused by Puccinia Triticina for the Source of Resistance, Int. J. Curr. Res, (2016).
  • Antifungal Potential of Plant Extracts Against Fusarium WILT OF Chilli Caused by Fusarium Oxysporum F.sp, Capsici. Trans. Rev, (2016).
  • Characterization of Conducive Environmental Variables for Leaf Rust of Wheat in Sargodha, Sci. Int, (2016).