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Mechanical Engineering,
University of Sargodha,

Phone: +92 48 9230804 Ext: 330

Email: mudaser.ullah@uos.edu.pk

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Engr. Mudaser Ullah
Engr. Mudaser Ullah | University of Sargodha
Assistant Professor

  • Fracture Mechanics
  • Mechanical Characterization
  • Fusion Welding

  • Prediction of Crack Tip Plasticity Induced Due to Variation in Solidification Rate of Weld Pool and Its Effect on Fatigue Crack Propagation Rate (FCPR), Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology, Vol. 32 (2018)
  • Development and Characterization of Hot Dip Aluminide Coated Stainless Steel 316L, Journal of Central South University, Vol. 25 (2018)
  • In Situ Delta Ferrite Estimation and Their Effects on FCPR at Different Orientations of Multipass Shielded Metal Arc Welded SS304L, Journal of Manufacturing Processes, Vol. 21 (2016)
  • Numerical Simulation and Experimental Verification of CMOD in CT Specimens of TIG Welded AA2219-T87, Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering, Vol. 40 (2016)