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Politics and International Relations,
University of Sargodha,

Phone: +92 48 9230106

Email: muhammad.nawaz@uos.edu.pk

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Mr. Muhammad Nawaz Bhatti
Mr. Muhammad Nawaz Bhatti | University of Sargodha
Associate Professor

Mr. Muhammad Nawaz Bhatti has done HIS MPhil in Pakistan Studies from Government College University, Faisalabad, Pakistan. Previously, he Served as Lecturer in Political Science at Government Degree College Sillanwali, Sargodha, Pakistan.

  • Hydro-Politics in British India
  • Politics of Water in Pakistan
  • Riparian Rights and Water Disputes Between Pakistan and India

  • Development and Codification of International Law on Non-Navigational Uses of the International Rivers, Pakistan Journal of Social Sciences , Vol. 37 (2017).
  • Dynamics of Compitition:Cooperation in International Anarchic System and Nuclear Escalation in South Asia, Journal of Social Sciences , Vol. 7 (2016).
  • Problems of Water Management in Diverse Socities: Study of Kalabagh Dam Project in Pakistan, Journal of Public Administration and Governance , Vol. 1 (2011).
  • Hydro-Politics in the Subcontinent, Journal of Social Sciences , Vol. 4 (2010).