Directorate of Planning & Development:

The role of Planning & Development Department is to assess the current and future needs for physical and academic infrastructure and prepare plans accordingly. The Planning & Development Department is headed by a Director (P&D); who is supported by other staff. The P&D has contributed its due share in the development of University of Sargodha, and proudly endowed in its journey from a small institution to a multi campus full-fledged Institution.

Current Achievements:

Following two major projects are reflecting the current achievements of P&D Department. Construction of building of Engineering 
College of University of Sargodha, Sargodha. Fund allocation by HED, Provincial Government 2015-16 (Cost Rs. 1,000.00 Million) 
Strengthening and Allied Health Facilities of University of Sargodha. Fund allocation by Federal Government through HEC-PSDP 2015-16 (Cost Rs. 654.00 Million)

Directorate of Public Relations and Publications:

Directorate of Public Relations and Publications was established in 2006 which was later upgraded to a full time non teaching department to perform multiple duties regarding University Publications i.e. Production of books, designing and putting up of display material at important occasions, rendering help to various departments in the field of publication.

Books published by the Department:

  • Tarikh-e-Tehzib-e-Insani Part-I
  • Tarikh-e-Tehzib-e-Insani Part-II
  • Tarikh-e-Tehzib-e-Insani Part-III
  • History of Sargodha ( Three Additions)
  • The War of Independence 1857
  • گھریلو اور صنعتی پیمانے پر پھلوں اور سبزیوں سے مصنوعات کی تیاری
  • گھریلو اور صنعتی پیمانے پر اچار کی تیاری
  • Urdu Translation of Shah Pur Gazitteer 1897
  • Waziristan Kal Aj Aur .....
  • A Native Orientalist: Ibn Warraq on the Qurane
  • خطبات سرگودھا: سیرت نبوی کا عہد مکی
  • Directorate of Academics:

    University of Sargodha established Directorate of Academics in February 2006 with the aim to facilitate various academic units in solution of their academic problems. This directorate also coordinate with external stack holders of the University i.e. Government of Pakistan, Higher Education Commission, Bait-ul-Mal, Government of the Punjab and various local and national private and public sector organizations. The major objectives of this directorate are as under:

  • Preparation of University Prospectus, Annual Report, Admission Advertisements and ID cards.
  • Coordination with University Admission Committee to ensure the conduction of University Admissions purely on merit basis.
  • Compilation and updation of University Admission Regulations as well as University Semester Regulations.
  • Award of HEC Japanse-Need Based Scholarship to 
the students purely on merit.
  • Coordination with HEC, GOP and Federal Government and other organizations for sharing of various statistical data.
  • Directorate of Quality Enhancement Cell:

    On the direction of Quality Assurance Agency (QAA), Higher Education Commission, Islamabad, The University of Sargodha set up the Quality Enhancement Cell to initiate The Quality Assurance Process in preparing Self Assessment Reports (SARs), Reading and analyzing the reports and action taken on the findings of The Assessment Teams (ATs). There are evidences about the actual impact of these processes on University Practice. QEC obtained total score of 88.17% for the period ending June 30, 2015 from HEC.

    Membership of Statutory Bodies:

  • Academic Council
  • Advanced Studies & Research Board
  • Affiliation Committee