Faculty of Social Sciences Faculty of Social Sciences

Faculty of Social Sciences

The Faculty of Social Sciences was created in 2013 at University of Sargodha. Since its inception, this faculty provides an avenue for creation of knowledge through its unique blend of teaching and research. In a short span of time, it has become a leading centre for research and teaching in the social and behavioral sciences and aims to provide students with a broader coherent intellectual base for understanding various contemporary economic, political, psychological and social issues especially those related to public and social policy. Through service-learning, field trips, exchange programs, lectures, seminars and conferences, students have been provided opportunities to experience the practical and theoretical integration of courses. The Faculty of Social Sciences comprises six departments that offer undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate programs. With its 2500 students, 200 full-time and visiting faculty, wide array of programs and research centers; the faculty is continuing to pursue the academic objectives of the University. The students are supervised by excellent researchers and undertake cutting-edge research in the areas of social  sciences.

Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences