Sub Campus Bhakkar Sub Campus Bhakkar

This Campus was established in 2012. The aim was to provide quality and affordable education to the students of this deprived district at their doorstep. In a short span of time, the Campus has made sizeable progress in terms of academic development and infrastructure. Initially, BS programs were offered and later on the number of programs increased including MA/MSc in various disciplines. We plan to offer research programs in the near future. The teaching faculty includes experienced foreign qualified, well reputed, young and energetic minds who are employing their best to help the youngsters of this area in becoming responsible and useful citizens of Pakistan.

The repute and success of the Campus are backed up by the quality learning and teaching experience that we provide to our students. We put forth every effort to enrich the academic experience of our students. Our commitment to 'education for life' is supported by our strong graduate employability record. We are proud of what we have to offer as an academic institute and we want students with ability and potential from all over the country to join us. I welcome all of you at UoS Sub-Campus Bhakkar with a hope that your entrance in the campus will prove to be the best decision of your life and career.

Dr. Khalid Mahmood
Director, Sub Campus Bhakkar