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Faculty of Sciences

The Faculty of Sciences is prominent among the Faculties of the University with the highly trained and experienced faculty members and well equipped laboratories.  Its achievement in research and patents are the fruit of consistent efforts of its faculty and students. The Faculty is comprised of nine departments. The subjects of Botany and Zoology are enriched with innovative research culture. Chemistry tries to meet the ever-growing needs in the field of chemical sciences. Computer Science and IT has research focus on Software Engineering, Machine Learning, Computer Networks and Security. The Earth Sciences has a progressive vision about exploration of natural resources. Mathematics has facilities for research scholars and students to develop a large and productive research in Pure, Applied and Computational Mathematics. Physics is characterized by Advanced Electronics, Optics and Methods of Experimental Physics along with elective papers in different programs. Statistics is used to design surveys and experimental research, collect and analyze data, interpret and evaluate numerical evidence and communicate results. The faculty is continuously being strengthened by recruiting quality faculty and modernizing the laboratory facilities. A number of research projects of multi-disciplinary nature are being undertaken by highly experienced faculty in collaboration with National & International institutions.

Dr. Nazra Sultana
Dean, Faculty of Sciences